I hold the arrow circle but nothing happens.

I can’t bare to write “I” anymore.

Is it because I feel like I’m doing all the talking?

Is it because I don’t let anyone else do the talking?

Is it because I’ve blocked everyone else out so that I’m alone with myself all of the time?

I’ve lost all empathy for everyone but myself, and even myself.

I’m bored with life.

Fantasies of escapism fill the walls up to the ceiling-

Unrealistic Supermen-

Places unknown-

Anything but this, anything but here.

He is hurt and I don’t care.

His head’s in a book; he’s really not there.

I’m way more proud, more excited, more dedicated than he is…

How’d that happen? How do I get out?

It’s too late to just get out and I know it…

So I just go on feeling easily hurt and unloved-

Picking out reasons it won’t work.

All I have to talk about is myself and I’m sick of it.

Sick of me. Sick of all of it. How do I get away from myself?

Is there really only one way out?

Dare I ever take it?

Okay fine;

You Win.

Game Over.

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